Checked-out Cybertown??

MAR-07-2007 @ 09:38, Category, Vulcan, Comments

A private 3D VR (virtual reality) home with your own personal chat, inbox, message board and free e-mail. You can invite your friends over to hang out, chat and party - all in full 3D! The Cybertown shopping malls and Flea Markets where you can buy, sell or trade cool 3D objects for your home. A Virtual Pet for your home. Customizable bodies to use in the 3D worlds. Ongoing Role-Playing Games. Interesting Clubs with 3D Clubhouses to join or start your own. Awesome movie theaters and music concerts. The Black Sun Club where you can dance in 3D and listen to your favorite tunes. Live events and celebrity chats. The opportunity to get a virtual job, earn CityCash and become a respected citizen of a large intergalactic online community. All this and much, much more are waiting for you inside, so why hesitate?


Halsoft VP Chat Trial Offer

MAR-02-2007 @ 18:42, Category, TheBigQ, Comments

Halsot Chat is offering a 2 week trial membership. As a guest, you can chat in rooms for all ages and interests, customize your own avatar, compete in game ladders, and play games and participate in online events as a full member. Games: Backgammon, Yahtzee, Chess, Checkers, Acey Deucy and Battleship. Play with a partner and chat with your friends at the same time. Chat rooms: Catch up with friends or meet new ones. VPchat has chat rooms for all ages and interests. Avatars: Choose a small picture that reflects your online personality. Tours: Chat with your friends and tour the web at the same time. VPchat Members enjoy these added features: Home Pages: Create your own VPchat member page. All members receive free web space File Transfer: Trade large files, avatars, or pictures with other chatters. Voice Chat is also available.


Hogwarts Hotel Displays "Vacancy"

FEB-22-2007 @ 22:41, Category, PeppermintPattie, Comments

Hogwarts Palace The Hogwarts Palace you've ALL been waiting for. Don't miss this chat site!! You will get the chance to be a student of Hogwarts, participate in events, attend your classes, play trivia, and much MORE! The FIRST school year hasn't started yet; it will soon. However, first we need to hire officials to be wizards. If anyone is interested drop me a line in the forum please for more information its just that easy soooo....Come join the fun!


E-Conference Event

AUG-01-2007 @ 16:00, Category, GamingGuru, Comments

The Games Developer E-Conference is a yearly run industry based convention that has earned more and more exposure over the last few years, driven into the spotlight this year thanks to gamenzone43's downsizing. GNZ director Thomason Jameson discusses in this years event, and the possibility of a few surprises. Don't miss this exciting opportunity and watch for updates in the Virtual Gaming Area on the forum.